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Average cost of car insurance in America

 Average cost of car insurance in America

Average cost of car insurance in America - How to calculate comprehensive car insurance If you want to buy a new car, you find two different types of insurance. This is what we will discuss in the article on how to calculate comprehensive car insurance in detail, and the online insurance company is the leader in the field of car insurance.

Average cost of car insurance in America

Many insurance companies may compete in order to reach the customer through several advantages that separate them from each other, and each company offers the best offers in order to win customers. Each car insurance company determines the price of insurance premiums according to the company's plans in order to reach the advantages that the customer chooses when choosing an insurance company.

As for the method of calculating comprehensive car insurance, it is determined according to the car that was insured. Also, the method for calculating the Average cost of car insurance in America depends on the coverage provided by the insurance company, because it differs between companies.

The insurance value is equal to the market price of the car multiplied by the premium rate multiplied by all stamp expenses. The percentage of the premium ranges between 3% to 4% of the total value of the car in all insurance companies.

Car insurance deductible ratio

While buying a modern car, you will find two different types of car insurance, the first type is compulsory and the second is comprehensive, which provides the customer with safety factors for him, his car, pedestrians, and the family.

The deductible varies according to the type of insurance policy that was contracted between the client and the company.

The deductible percentage is a specific percentage of the compensation value that the car owner will spend from his money on the car in the event of damage to his car as a result of one of the insurance factors stipulated in the insurance policy, and the company pays the rest of the maintenance amount.

Types of endurance ratio

The tolerance ratio has two types, the first is the fixed tolerance and the other is the relative motor tolerance.

The fixed deductible is a fixed value of money that is agreed upon in the insurance policy, where the car owner pays that value if his car is damaged, and that value starts in compulsory insurance from an amount of 200 Egyptian pounds.

The relative deductible is an amount that is calculated according to the type of accident or even the type of damaged part of the car and the place of repair. 

It has different types, including the 10% charge for the repair in the agency, the car’s panoramic roof, the airbag, and others.

Factors determining the insurance rate

The average cost of car insurance in America depends on a number of factors that the insurance company and the customer agree upon.

These factors make the deductible rate either high or low, including the age of the driver who has been insured.

The value and price of the car that was insured is also a factor in determining how comprehensive car insurance is calculated.

In addition, the purpose and objective of using that insured car determines the value of the deductible percentage, as the commercial car is not the same as the personal car deductible percentage.

How is the insurance deductible ratio determined?

The deductible percentage is specified in the comprehensive insurance policy that is signed by the customer before the start of the insurance.

The higher the deductible, the lower the price of the insurance policy that the car owner receives.

If the customer wishes to repair his car through the agency of the car, the deductible rate will be high.

How the Average cost of car insurance in America depends on several important factors, including the age of the owner of the insured car, as well as the type and purpose of the car. The best insurance company.